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Our own Toy Story

To date, with the help of DHL, we have sent from the UK to South Africa, over 2,500 soft toys for vulnerable children. The outpouring of love and donations of beautiful soft toys has been quite amazing and we thank every child and parent/guardian who have donated. Each and every toy that we sent will be cherished in their new home.
We are now stopping accepting toys because those lovely people at http://theteddytrust.wixsite.com/home do this all the time, again with DHL, and send toys to children all over the world. Any kind people who wish to donate will now be referred to them.


Caring for Crèches / Training the Trainers

train the trainers

Our flagship Caring for Crèches programme has been rolled out in some of the poorest areas in five provinces in South Africa 

To date, in this programme alone, we have trained over 2,200 crèche leaders, they, in turn have:

Training Social Auxiliary Workers

SAW graduatesAnother four very proud community workers have, with our help, achieved a life-long ambition to become qualified Social Auxiliary Workers [SAW]. That now is over 50 people we have funded through this life-changing course.

The Social Auxiliary Workers are crucial in helping children and their families rebuild their lives after severe trauma, we are really proud of them and their work and are really proud to be part of ensuring they have enhanced skills and a qualification that will give each individual a confident and secure future.

Supporting a children's refuge

Wilhelmina who, despite the most terrible childhood [or because of it] was determined to setup a refuge for abandoned children. Last year she had some terrible news as they had to vacate the home they had been living in for many years. With tremendous resilience she found a new home and with the help of our friends at Imisebeyelanga and others. Wilhelmina cares for many children and struggles day in and day out for food and water and power and clothing. Some of our terrific supporters packed up boxes of presents for each child and you can read the story here.

A diversion programme for street boys

Ghetto BoyzThese are street boys with the most terrible histories having suffered abuse, no male parenting, exclusion from school and gang violence, then ending up terrorising others and toting guns and knives; these are violent boys who, without help will end up either in prison or dead. The programmes we support are based around football and learning life skills gradually re-learning how to live as valued members of their society. 

Thanks for all our work from a very special source

"Dear Lesley,

This award is so deserved and we owe you so much for all your efforts in South Africa – the legacy of your training and protection lives on in South Africa.

With much appreciation
Joan van Niekerk (South Africa)

International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect: http://www.ispcan.org
Consultant: Child Rights and Child Protection"



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